New York's leading model management agency -

The women's division of Like Models is highly lucrative and very well resourced. The men's division, however, isn’t such an impressive setup. Located in the basement of the building, the boys are in a constant struggle for face time with their agents. This is one industry where the girls are definitely ‘on top’.

Billy Billboard runs the men's division of Like Models, but is more focused on putting together his first feature film than on building his models’ careers... and he’s not very subtle about it either. Billy barely remembers any of the models’ names, but could easily tell you who line-produced ‘Under Siege : Part 3’.

Billy's Assistant, Michelangelo is a former male model who now runs the Model's Apartment, serving as a chaperone and self-professed role model to the impressionable boys. Michelangelo is constantly in limbo between his aspirations of becoming an Agent and his delusions of resurrecting his former modeling career.