Good Exposure was created by Jay Bulger + Toby B. Styling

and Styling first met backstage at a Calvin Klein show during New York fashion week. With the show's typically late start, B and S spent the time comparing their most comical experiences working in high fashion. They discovered a mutual irreverence for an industry that takes itself way too seriously.

Some years earlier, Jay Bulger had been featured on the cover of Men’s Vogue wearing a spider on his face. This instance of 'Good Exposure' secured him a series of ad campaigns for brands such Calvin Klein, Armani, and Kenneth Cole. With a degree in journalism, Bulger meticulously documented his inside accounts of the modelling world into semi-autobiographical articles for Vogue, Playboy and Rolling Stone.

Toby B. Styling is an Australian filmmaker and photographer who began his career in Sydney as a graphic designer before relocating to London to learn television production at Extreme Sports Channel. Armed with a video camera and passion for fashion he relocated to New York to shoot fashion show promos for designer labels Diesel, 55DSL and Shanghai Tang. Over the next few years living in Los Angeles Toby crafted a series of independent films, documentaries, music videos and show concepts.