Good Exposure is a comedy show about three unique male models.

Each episode of Good Exposure portrays a different stage in the seasonal shelf life of a male model. From 'discovery' through to the ultimate goal of booking a major 'fragrance campaign', we follow the New Face, Supermodel and Former Coverboy to castings, shoots, shows and walking lessons – depicting scenes that truly exist in the world of fashion, but until now, have never been portrayed for their true absurdity.

The three models live with their Agent's Assistant and nine other male models in a dingy two-bedroom apartment in Hell's Kitchen, New York. Although every model has a vastly different back-story, they each share the same dream of money, fame and 'Good Exposure' from an industry that will inevitably exploit them, spit them out and leave them broken.

This series explores the motivations and aspirations of each of these alluring characters as we follow them around in their bizarre world. We watch as they develop drug problems, suffer heartbreak, lose track of their goals, and in some cases, incidentally advance their careers. Above all, they will make a mockery of all things 'fashionable'.